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Rod & Gun reminder – “Keep ‘Em Wet!”

With the great fishing and fishing tournaments in full gear comes a reminder for best practices. Sailfish, Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit need to stay wet so they can survive after being released.  Below, Rod and Gun board member Jack Salisbury shows the proper release of a Permit caught here in our waters. Catch and Release only works if the fish are spared from coming out of the water. Sailfish a favorite sport fish should never come out of the water for a photo! The Bonefish & Tarpon Trust has the following recommendations for catch and release:

Best practices include: Always use barbless hooks. When fishing with bait, use circle hooks. Minimize handling all fish; slime and scales can be easily damaged and removed with excessive handling, thereby greatly increasing risks of infection. If a bonefish loses equilibrium after you land it, revive it until it can swim upright, then shorten the fight time on future fish. More on proper catch and release can be found at

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See Jack Salisbury releasing a nice Permit! And Rob Gothier with a 32lb African Pompano caught in the Palm Beach inlet on Bar South.

2020 – Jack Salisbury Releasing a nice Permit. Jack has a Flats Slam – Bonefish,Tarpon and Permit.
2020 – Rob Gothier snagged this 32 lb African Pompano while fishing in the Palm Beach inlet aboard BAR South !