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RGC Members Shelter-In and Fish-On!

The fishing conditions have not only been amazing, but historic! This year’s Sailfish migration has been once in many generations!  Rob Gothier and Jeff Bae went out on Bar South April 24th and caught 41 Sailfish!  Although there are no official records, the previously known highest Ocean Reef total was 30 Sailfish caught on the Sweet Release with Captain Chris White, back in 2014.  Rob said the Sailfish were migrating and floating all around the boat and some almost jumped into the boat! They have never seen anything like it. Sight fishing for Sailfish is exciting and our Rod & Gun members are out on the waters enjoying this unprecedented time. Trey Wills sailfished last Wednesday on Main One out of Marathon. It was an incredible day with 28 Sails caught. Jessica Blackie on Red Lion took her sportfish to Duck Key and had the thrill of site casting for Sails and then landed a huge Dolphin the next day and plenty of Tuna. Mike Jones with guide Jared Raskob had an Epic day Tarpon fishing! Mike saw the huge fish going away from them and Jared did a great job poling the boat to set up an angle shot. It followed the fly for 20 feet and he inhaled it. It was both visual and totally exciting! Congratulations to all our Rod & Gun members!

And let’s not forget our charter boats!  The boats and Captains are available for charter by appointment. The offshore, reef and flats boats are all available to go fishing, with pickup at the Fishing Village charter dock, by the Raw Bar or home pickup. Boats thoroughly cleaned and wiped down prior to departure, for no contact fishing!

For Offshore and Reef:
Mr. Nice                               305-321-6921
Mr. Nice II                           305-766-1694
Warbird                               305-394-7420
Good Life                             305-546-1277
Reef Relief                           305-905-3639

For Flats:
Capt Darrick Parker         305-498-4811
Capt James Koch             305-394-0791
Capt Nick Varnberg          970-390-0142
Capt Jack McCoy               305-619-0398

Share your Member Sporting Pictures by texting photos to Wendy at 203 253-7790. We love sharing our Rod & Gun Members photos and including them in our website photo gallery. Please go to Membership sign up and to read current and past articles go to News.

Rob Gothier and Jeff Bae’s trememdous tally of 41 sails on Bar South! :

Trey Wills with his epic day in Marathon – 28 sails! :

Jessica Blackie on Red Lion with a whopper bull dolphin:

And last but certainly not least, Mike Jones with his INCREDIBLE Tarpon: