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Rod & Gun Update – 12/30/2020

By Jody Steele

Holiday Fishing Tournament CANCELLED
Due to the high winds and weather we experienced this past week, the Holiday Fishing Tournament, originally planned for Tuesday, December 29, was cancelled.

Ocean Reef Sailfish Championship
The Ocean Reef Sailfish Championship includes five tournaments (4 now that the Holiday tournament was cancelled). The next is the Reef Cup Invitational Sailfish Tournament scheduled for Wednesday, January 27th to Saturday, January 30th.  Mark your calendars for this traditional Ocean Reef event where if you are not on the water, you can enjoy the annual viewing of anglers returning to the Reef every afternoon of the tournament.

Fearless Free Diving
Free diving has been around for centuries and although quite challenging, it has become a sport practiced not only in Florida, but also around the world. Ocean Reef Club members Sean and Lori Lyons and their sons, Stone and Sawyer Lyons have mastered this sport. After going through the proper training and earning the Free Diver Certification, this family is comfortable exploring the depths with spearfishing and photography.  Note the AMAZING photos below.

The Card Sound Shooting Sports Range is open on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM. January is just a beautiful time to visit the Range with clear skies and cooler temperatures. No reservations needed, but Rod and Gun Club Members must accompany their guests. Call 305-367-3321 for more information or click HERE.

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