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Rod & Gun Club News – 2/26/2021

By Jody Steele

Looking ahead and looking back, the Rod & Gun Club continues to enhance the lives of its members.

A Bit of History

In the late 90’s, Tom Davidson, Bill Willson, Rick Howard and Jack Curlettwere on a trip to Deep Water Cay with about 15 other Ocean Reef Club Members when they conceived the idea of the Rod & Gun Club. The plans took shape fairly quickly with goals to organize other fishing trips and tournaments, oversee the Reef Cup, hold learning seminars, and engage in conservation activities. Tom Davidson shares that social events were also part of the planning.  Amazingly, a couple of hundred signed up for this “new” club and was kicked off with a fish fry that immediately sold out in one day!  The group hired Chico Fernandez as the fishing professional to give lessons, go on trips, and advise all interested in fishing. Tom Davidson was the first chairman, then Bill Willson, Rick Howard, Jack Curlett, Joel Shephard, Jack Salisbury, Ken Reda, Nelson Sims, and now Tom Davidson, Jr.  The Club now stands strong with over 600 members. Kudos to the original four for their foresight and enthusiasm in forming the largest Club within the Club at Ocean Reef.

Reminder of Upcoming Event

The Rod & Gun Club has scheduled a “members only” demonstration of the ESP (Electronic Shooter Protection) system that provides excellent hearing protection. This event will be held on Tuesday, March 9th at 5:00 -6:00 PM at Waterside with snacks and refreshments served.  The owner of ESP will be in attendance and will provide an exclusive discount for Rod & Gun Club members. More information regarding this presentation is on the events calendar.

Fishing Dates to Note
Sailfish Classic – March 25-27th
All Craft Tournament (NEW) – March 31st-April 14th 
Seal Team Ocean Reef Fishing Tournament – April 19th

More details will be published later.

Card Sound Shooting Sports Range

Members must make reservations ahead of time online at Go to the website and the Range section. Then hit the “Book Now” button to fill out the form. The Range is open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Share Your Sporting Pictures

Email your sporting pictures to Check out a recent adventure below.