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A Close Call at the Range after massive brush fires.

By Jody Steele

The Card Sound Shooting Range was just too close to the fires that closed Card Sound Road these past few weeks. Thanks to the Miami Dade Fire Department, the Forestry Fire Service, and the quick thinking of Cordell Carr (Corey), Assistant Rangemaster a disaster was avoided.

On the morning of Wednesday, May 5th, we were all glad to know that Card Sound Road had opened. Concerned about the Range, Carmen Sferrazza, Rod and Gun Club Board Member and Corey entered the Range property. They saw that the fire crew had cut the lock to the main gate and had set up a Command Center nearby.  There was evidence of burnouts along the road and active fires were close by near the storage buildings and Skeet areas. Trees and brush had burned around the Five Stand Area and the Archery Range. However, mulch continued to burn and it was apparent that the fire could spread further. Corey “saved the day” and jumped in to the Gator (utility vehicle) and guided the fire crew with trucks and a water pumper in to the Range through the brush.  The smoldering areas were extinguished and doused with water. It was a successful fight to the end. The Range was saved!

All were amazed that the Tiki Hut and Shooting Stands were intact. The able fire crews shared that they had surveyed the property throughout the fire and had designated it an area to watch carefully. They did about 300 specific water drops over the Range and other areas close by which prevented enormous damage to the environment.

Minor repairs will be done over the summer and the Card Sound Shooting Range will be back next Season thanks to all that bravely helped save it and were on the spot when needed. See the pictures below.

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