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Rod & Gun News – 12/2/2022

By Christine Patton

Rod & Gun Club Sponsors Fishing Contests

December is just the start to the fishing season at Ocean Reef, but the Rod & Gun Club is going full speed. 

Grand Masters
You still have time to enter the Grand Masters, a golf and sail fishing tourney held on December 6 & 7 (contact Entry forms and rules are also available by clicking HERE.   

Fish of the Month 
The Fish of the Month contest started December 1 and goes until New Year’s, with prizes for the biggest Mutton Snapper and/or Kingfish, as weighed in at MarineMax’s scales. The Rod & Gun website Events Calendar shows all the rules and monthly species through August 2023 — no entry fee or registration required.

Competitors in this contest get the benefit of some very good eating, varying monthly — Mutton Snapper is a delicious fish, its white flesh perfect for grilling, sautéing or steaming. It appears in a range of beautiful colors, pink to green to red, and varies in size as well as color, from 5 to 25 pounds. 

The Kingfish is a member of the mackerel family. It is one of the most sought-after gamefish, known in the sports fishing world for their blistering runs, often confused with a Wahoo. They are taken mostly by trolling, using various baitfish, spoons and jigs, and come in a range of sizes, 10 to 80 lbs. The oily flesh is excellent for smoking, but also good as sashimi or freshly grilled. Mutton Snapper or Kingfish, even if yours is not the winning catch, you will still have a delicious dinner for yourselves and your neighbors.

Holiday Fishing Tournament
Also on the calendar — The Holiday Fishing Tournament is an annual one-day family outing organized by the Rod & Gun Club, and will be held this year on December 28. Open to all members and guests (only four anglers to a boat, but unlimited spectators) with a laundry list of eligible species awarded points by weight. All the details can be found on the website, (Click HERE for details), including the rules and entry forms (no entry fee, thanks), or contact Ken Reda at or 305-342-0658. Lots of fun and good eating, too!

Last year 14 boats competed, with the overall winner being the “Sandrita” with 1109 points, anglers Barrett Ersk, Kristina Ersk, Sandra Fish and Jodi Zifferer (see picture below). 

And if you prefer to stay on dry land, the Card Sound Shooting Range is open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 10am-3pm. All the details are on, including Google directions to the range.

Share Your Sporting Pictures

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