Card Sound Shooting Range is Closed for the season.  Check back early November 2024.  During the Ocean Reef season we are open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 10am to 3pm.  We now have Hand gun range (no rifles) in addition to Shotgun.

Card Sound Shooting Sports, which is located on Card Sound Road (click HERE for directions), has clay target ranges for Trap, Skeet, and Five Stand Sporting Clays, a Hand gun range, as well as an Air Rifle target range and our great  Archery range/course with 3D Animal targets at varying  shooting ranges from 20-60 yards.  We have four 3D targets on the bow range, including a Whitetail Deer, a Mule Deer, a Wolf and a Black Bear.

The Range is available to Rod & Gun members and their accompanied guests, and is usually  open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm FOR SHOTGUN.  Our HANDGUN range will be open on these same days from 10am to 2pm.

We will have Range Safety Officers (RSOs) on hand who will ensure that all comply with safety protocol. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR HANDGUNS IN YOUR VEHICLE UNTIL YOU SPEAK TO AN RSO.

  • For Rod & Gun members and their accompanied guests ONLY
  • We will supply targets and have 9mm ammo available for purchase.
  • All other calibers must be supplied by Members
  • Full metal jacket rounds ONLY. No hollow points.
  • Members must bring their own handguns - no rentals
  • Fee is $75 per day per shooter.

If you are interested in hosting a special event on any day, send an email to


​​The Card Sound Range is seasonally open mid-December through mid-April - see our Events Calendar for exact dates.  The usage fees are $50 per round for members and guests of members (one box of 25 shells).  Guns are available to rent for $50 per day.  And while you are there, we have Rod & Gun Club hats, shirts, cooler bags and other "swag" for  purchase. 

ALSO, if you are interested in PRIVATE SHOOTING LESSONS, you can call PABLO MONTEALEGRE at 713-303-1695 or email to PABLOPERAZZI@GMAIL.COM .  Pablo is an international champion shooter and National Sporting Clays (NSCA) Certified Instrutor.   He is available for all from beginner to very advanced levels.

Please email for up to date info.  For directions to the range click HERE.

Our Range is shotgun, bow and pellet air-rifle only.  If you are interested in shooting pistols and all other rifles, the Rod & Gun club has negotiated a special rate with the Homestead Training Center.  See and click here for a pricing and fact sheet.  The special pricing is for Rod & Gun club members only.  They will have a list at their check in desk.


Click here for Directions to the entrance gate on Google Maps

If you are coming from Homestead, the Range is exactly 6.4 miles from the Palm Drive/344th St intersection in Florida City.

It will be seen on your left.


Open during stated hours

If you are coming from Ocean Reef Club/ Key Largo, the Range is exactly 6.7 miles from Alabama Jacks/Toll.

It will be seen on your right.