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Rod & Gun News – 2/2/2024

Announcing the News with a Bang

By Christine Patton

Gender Reveal Parties are a relatively new phenomenon, but trust the Ocean Reef community of grandparents, both technical and virtual (that’s when we “adopt” the children of siblings and friends), to embrace all the activities associated with impending birth. A Gender Reveal is a celebration to announce the baby’s sex, usually signified by pink or blue, in the form of a special cake, balloons, confetti or the like.

Covering Rod & Gun activities doesn’t usually extend to Gender Reveals, but when Wendy Brainard kindly shared these photos, I had to follow up. In this case, Wendy was inspired by the expectant parents, Whitney and Peter Brittain, their love of shotgun shooting and hunting, and she took advantage of the Rod & Gun’s fine sporting clays facility to stage her surprise — as “Keeper of the Gender” she would be the only one to know the sex before the party. The group of Ocean Reef, Rod & Gun and family members enjoyed the Range with the help of supervisor Corey Carr, including instruction and equipment. As a climactic finale, father-to-be Peter Brittain shattered the telling target, releasing the pink smoke that answered the “Buck or Doe?” question.

After a day at the Range, the party moved to Alabama Jack’s for refreshments, more celebration and then a twilight boat ride home to Ocean Reef. It doesn’t get much better…