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Rod & Gun News 4/12/2024

Join the Rod & Gun Club for a screening of “Wings Over Water” at the Cultural Center April 18.

Ducks Unlimited Comes to Ocean Reef

Since its inception 87 years ago, Ducks Unlimited has restored or protected nearly 16 million acres of North America wetlands and over a billion acres of Canadian Boreal Forest. The Prairie Pothole Region is at the heart of what was once the largest expanse of grasslands in the world, namely the Great Plains of North America, and is the top priority conservation area for Ducks Unlimited.

At the Cultural Center on Thursday, April 18, the Rod and Gun Club is pleased to host Adam Putnam, CEO of Ducks Unlimited, who will present the screening of DU’s new award-winning documentary, “Wings Over Water,” narrated by Michael Keaton. The 45-minute film will begin at 5 p.m., and following there will be a wine/beer reception, 6-6:30 p.m., hosted by the Rod and Gun Club and to which all Ocean Reef Members are invited.

This film tells the story of the Prairie Pothole Region, seen through the lives of three different species — the Mallard Duck, the Sandhill Crane, and the Yellow Warbler. These birds are dramatically different from each other but all depend on the wetlands for reproduction. The Sandhill Crane is a large bird with a bugling call that lives in open habitats. The Mallard Ducks are familiar sights to many in ponds and even swimming pools, while the Yellow Warblers are the singers of the three, and can be heard in spring and summer, singing in the tops of willows and small trees at water’s edge.

With extraordinary footage of soaring migratory flight, mating and family-raising, “Wings Over Water” brings the fascinating behaviors of each individual species and the challenging journey that they face to survive in the hidden oasis in the heartland of America. Don’t miss this powerful film.