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Rod & Gun Up Coming Events

Mark your calendars for The Rod and Gun Holiday Fishing Tournament on December 28th with the Captain’s meeting on the 27th.  Ken Reda is taking entries at MarineMax. Our Annual Social will be on Tuesday, March 24th with details to follow. Another great Ocean Reef Event is the Grand Masters: The 19th Annual Grand Masters Competition (Dec. 10-11). It is a unique event – featuring a two-day tournament featuring both golf (day 1) and fishing (day 2). The Entry Fee includes a Welcome Luncheon, Cocktail Reception and an Awards Dinner. If interested in signing up, please reach out to by Nov. 15th, 2019 or click on this Grand Masters link above for the registration form.

It has been a busy tuna fishing Summer/Fall for Rod and Gun Members with the first name John!

John Weiland caught two Big Eye Tuna off the coast of New Jersey.
John Brainard caught a 68” Bluefin Tuna estimating 230lb off the Cape.
John Grunow caught an 89” Bluefin Tuna estimating 450lbs off Chatham.

We love sharing our Rod and Gun members’ photos and including them in our Annual Event slide show.  Share your Member Sporting Pictures by texting Wendy Brainard at 203-253-7790. If you are interested in joining, please email

See the pictures below:

  • John and Kathy Weiland on Chesapeake, Captain John Weiland
  • John Brainard and Blake Pendleton
  • John Grunow and Lisa Grunow on Hope, Captain Floyd Leach, and Jacob Mongoven